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The lead generation market has a lot of actual problems the solution of which is assumed by the LeadRex Platform.
40% Applying to a marketing agency the business owner does not always understand which services are included in the basic cost.
<$ In case of absence of a competent approach and skills for conducting advertising campaigns, there is a big risk to spend the advertising budget without achieving the desired result.
>$ A large number of intermediaries between the target client and business inevitably leads to an increase in operating costs.


The lead generation platform based on artificial intelligence and Blockchain developed to increase the conversion of advertising campaigns and reduce operating costs.
CUSTOMER Indicates the direction of his business for analytics
Artificial Intelligence helps to analyze the segment chosen by the customer
and identifies the target audience


The functioning of platform is based on analytical information collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence and a high degree of automation through a variety of components and transparent interface.
Customer with an advertising company

Hello, LeadRex! I need an advertising campaign for my business.

Specify the scope of your business.

Business in crafting drinks.

Our artificial intelligence managed to find your target audience! We would like to offer:

  • - Targeted advertising
  • - Contextual advertising
  • - Generation of landing page
  • - Constructor of chat bots

Great, we'll order the following items:

  • - Targeted advertising
  • - Contextual advertising
  • - Generation of Landing page
  • - Constructor of chat bots
Smart contract
Acquisition of a tariff plan with the necessary functionality and payment for services in the marketplace.
For more details check the link Learn more


For the safety of collected funds
To ensure security and exclude misuse of collected funds, we are developing an internal escrow system that will allow transactions only after confirmation of the operation from two co-founders up to 10 ETHs per day, from three co-founders up to 15 ETHs per day.
<10 eth To confirm operation required the opinion of 2 co-founders:
  • Anton Skripka
  • Deni Skrinnikov
<15 eth To confirm operation required the opinion of 3 co-founders:
  • Anton Skripka
  • Deni Skrinnikov
  • Oleg Tarasov
>15 eth For decision-making purposes required the involvement of a 4th person for providing a legal support:
  • Anton Skripka
  • Deni Skrinnikov
  • Oleg Tarasov
  • Legal organization


Project Documents

Any information you would like to know you can check
in our Project Documents
White paper PDF
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One page PDF
~1 mb
600 кб


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135.9 mln. LDX

The LDX token is compatible with ERC20 and is intended to finance the development of the LeadRex platform and marketing activities before the project reaches the stage of self-sufficiency.

Under the terms of the smart contract, project team tokens will be frozen for 6 months from the date of completion of the ICO. The distribution of tokens will run for 6 months in equal parts. All unsold tokens will be burned after the completion of the ICO.


Oleg Tarasov
Specialist in the field of organization and conducting of events. He has an extensive experience of speaking at conferences on the topic of Blockchain and crypto-currency. He is well acquainted with the psychology of the masses. Co-founder of a group of companies (Transport, trade in construction materials, Foreign Economic Activities).
Alexander Melodiev
Experienced developer and TeamLead with experience in commercial development for more than 10 years. He is professional in PHP, C#, Python, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.NET, WinForms and SQL.
Asia Larkin
Project Manager
CEO the BlockchainDeveloper company, leader with great experience & ICO expert. She administrates projects in such directions as blockchain technologies, Application Development, software and cloud services. She is always ready to discuss interesting projects.
Matthew Raymer
Lead Blockchain Developer
Co-founder of the TokenDeveloper company. He specializes in complicated projects that apply blockchain technologies. He has the skills associated with NodeJS, Javascript, Angular, ASP.NET (C # / VB.NET), and also with PHP and PHP frameworks.
Pouria Almassi
An experienced developer of services in finance, media and education directions. He specializes at Swift, Objective-C and the Web Services. He received a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Georgia.
Alexander Babushkin
The Founder of the ex-CPA team "iSarafanMarketing". For 2016-2017, GEO: the whole world ~ 8.9 million clicks only through targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, 2017 – up to now - Founder and Project Manager in "Stalnoi SMM". Agency of boutique type. Concierge service and promotion of personal brand for politicians, businessmen and bloggers.
Konstantin Skulkin
Support Specialist
Club member: Golden Island, Support of Russia. Participant of the round table World Trade Center Moscow 2017. Specializes in organizing the team, creating and developing projects right up to the payback with the subsequent multiplying of working capital.
Aziz Yusupov
Creative Director
Expert with more than 200 successfully implemented projects for 10 years of work, which successfully function and bring revenue. He has extensive experience in optimizing business processes, creating a working business model, developing solutions to increase the client base. Finds creative marketing solutions and enhances brand recognition.
Abdulnasir Tursunov
Business Development Manager
Trouble Shooter, Business Consultant, Specialist in organizing and supporting ties with English-speaking countries. He participated in several international projects. Adviser on marketing and branding.
Deni Skrinnikov
Certified expert in the field of economic security, competitive intelligence and management of IT projects. Active member of the PECUNIO project team (Pecunio Blockchain Technologies FZE, OAE), shareholder and representative of the SIMEX investment platform in Belarus (Simex Inc., USA).
Pavel Ivanov
Bounty Manager
Anton Skripka
Member of the team with 12 years of experience in the field of IT. He has experience of working in huge companies as Head of IT Department, Team Leader, and Project Manager. He is a highly qualified specialist in the field of implementing enterprise-level information systems, automation and optimizing business processes. For the years of obtained experience he successfully implemented more than 50 information systems.


Roman Karimov
Result-oriented Business Leader with more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the sphere of IT. Currently Roman is an Advisor and Private Investor in projects and startups which using the blockchain technology in their products. He is also an experienced specialist on ICO Strategy, member of the ICO TOP ADVISORS, Bitcoin Foundation and RACIB. Regularly attends the industry conferences and events as a public speaker where discussed the topics of blockchain, ICO and investing in cryptocurrencies.
Mofassair Hossain
CEO and Founder of Perhalic, He is also a Certified Accounting Manager (CIMA), as well as Investor and Adviser 18+ ICO in the field of Blockchain. One of the best Consultants in PR and Marketing at ICObench and TOP20 in the list of Blockchain. Works as Humaniq Ambassador and DasCoin Lawer. His areas of expertise is to do successful ICO marketing, as well as to help the team in the creation of its Advisory Board.
Navii Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor, a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with 10+ years of experience in project management and business analysis and 1+ year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & Professional Scrum Master Level 1. Moreover, he is detail-oriented and skilled in the analysis, design and re-engineering of system applications and business process improvement. Currently, Naviin is working on digital transformation projects and providing consultation on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. He is also a TOP10 expert of ICObench.
Madhu Gupta
Entrepreneur and Investor with a deep understanding of the Technology & start-up ecosystem. Has founded and funded projects within mHealth, Retail, E-commerce spaces. Her varied roles such as CTO for mHealth start-up, CMO for a Blockchain & Retail project, Adviser for an AI-driven Drone project insinuate towards her technical as well as business prowess.
Anton Dzyatkovskiy
Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer of of Micromoney. Successful entrepreneur, experienced negotiator, creative marketing expert. Passionate and hardworking leader with 13 years of successful work in various positions in companies engaged in financial technology, retail business and e-commerce. Mr. Dzyatkovsky is experienced in development of financial companies in entirely new markets.
Guarav Areng Chakraverti
All packed into one - Gaurav lends an exceptional blend of entrepreneurial insight, a deep understanding of marketing strategy and practices and in-depth knowledge of the burgeoning Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market. Backed by 11 years of corporate experience, including 3 in financial services, he is also an Online Marketing Capabilities and Inbound Specialist, who understands the inner workings of everything technology is capable of providing in the digital age. Always up for a challenge, he is currently advising 6 Blockchain and ICO projects and also working on an independent crypto solution for the Gambling industry.
Shebin John
Shebin John is an Indian born Computer Science Enginner, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant, Programmer, etc. He is engineer by profession, marketer by choice and investor by passion. Currently, Shebin been working with various companies in ICO Sector, namely as Midex, Gamblica, ENTRY, Nagricoin. He actively looking to help promising ICO to make a positive difference in this world using blockchain & decentralization.
Jason Hung
Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox, EXSmart and the advisory board for more than 35 ICOs include SportsFix, CyClean, ICOMax, BitRewards, DateCoin, BlockLancer, eCoinomic, FaxPort, USAT, EVENFOUND, CoinArt, Kepler, PokerSports, EiraCube, SuchApp and SafeCrypt. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a Top Expert of ICObench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.


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